Each year Kewaunee County Breakfast on the Farm is hosted by a different family farm – learn more about our 2022 host farm’s history! Join the Kinnard family at the breakfast this Father’s Day – June 19th, 2022! We’re excited to share some fun farm facts and our interview with the family at Kinnard Highland Farm – read the wonderful information they have shared and view great photos!

Our 2022 Host Family Farm

We hope to see you and your family at Breakfast on the Farm this Father’s Day! Special thank you to the Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion Board, our sponsors, volunteers, family and friends – this wouldn’t be possible without you! We’re grateful for the opportunity to host the breakfast for a second time.  We hope you enjoy learning about our farm’s history and daily operation. Most importantly we hope you learn something about agriculture and also enjoy your delicious breakfast.   Remember to always treat yourself with a Dairy good treat!  Sincerely, The Kinnard Family: David & Anita, Brian Caitlin Liam and Grant,  Randy,  Kyler & Tarynn

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Keep reading for more great information on our host family!

Family Farming

This 4th generation family farm has a robotic milking operation!

  • 290 cows; 98 lbs Milk/ Cow per day. Averaging 2.7 visits per cow per day with robots. (scroll to the bottom to watch a video of the robot)
  • 4.1% fat, 3.1% protein, 90,000 SCC
  • Cropping 650 acres; Corn 300 acres, 60 acres grain 240 acres silage; 310 acres alfalfa; 20 acres of soybeans for crop rotation, 20 acres wheat for bedding
  • The 4 owners (David, Randy, Brian, and Kyler), with a little help from Grampa (who is 91)

Professional Partners

  • HERD VETERINARIAN – Dairyland Vet Service; Kevin Rockow
  • NUTRITIONIST – CP Feeds; James Downey
  • HOOF TRIMMER – Mleziva Hoof Care
  • MILK MARKETER – Land O’ Lakes
  • MILK HAULER – Matrix
  • FEED MILL – CP Feeds, Rio Creek Feed Mill
We wanted to learn more…so we asked!  Keep reading to discover more about the Kinnard’s family farming.

Interview with the Family – Q&A

Q:  When did your Dairy’s story begin? How did your journey begin? A: In 1953, while farming nearby, Joe Kinnard purchased this farm with the intent that his son Vernon would take it over when he got out of the service. Vernon and his wife Betty officially took over in 1958, milking 36 cows. Their sons David (Anita) and Randy then formed a partnership with their father upon graduating from high school, growing the herd to 100 cows. Vernon retired in 1992 and continued to help on the farm. David’s son Brian and Randy’s son Kyler joined in the partnership as the 4th generation in 2013 and in 2015 a new sand bedded freestall barn was built with 4 Lely Robotic milking systems to grow the heard to it’s present size of 290 cows. Q: What is your farming background? Are you a 1st-generation farmer, or do you come from many generations of farmers? A: 4 generations. Q:  What milestones happened in the early years? Kids, expansions – what were the highlights? A: Vernon and Betty have 4 children, 14 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren with 2 more on the way. Dave and Anita have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Randy has 3 children, 1 granddaughter and 1 on the way. Brian and his wife Caitlin have 2 boys. Kyler and his wife Tarynn are expecting there first in July. Q:  To sum it all up – what do we see here today? What are your achievements? What are your goals & values? A: Our farm strives to maintain a high producing herd with the upmost care for our animals the land and our neighbors. Q:  Anything else you’d like to share? A:  We hosted Breakfast on the Farm in 1989.

Thank you for joining us for Breakfast on the Farm in Kewaunee County – Father’s Day 2022!

Interested in learning how cows use robots to milk themselves?  Learn more by watching this great video, from Door County Daily News:

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